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Outcall Massage in Paris

Etna professional erotic massage is a warm circle of cheerful and beautiful masseuses whose prime concern is to make your life happier. Our masseuses have long earned the reputation of highly qualified, charming and enjoyable. Their soft skin and professional techniques will be a balm to your body and soul.

You do need a massage.

Every day you get stressed and hide your anxiety deeply inside, as it is socially unacceptable to show your feelings in public. Like a volcano, you burn inside, which is why you need a powerful seismic wave to help you free yourself from the devastating fire. Our masseuses will give you that push, and you will feel released, soothed and ready for the new accomplishments.

How it works.

Inviting our gorgeous masseuse to your place is as simple as ABC! It is enough to call us or to fill in the form on our website. Our managers will contact you instantly in order to discuss your preferences and needs. After your confirmation, the masseuse of your choice will be ready to arrive at your location in 30 minutes only! Beautiful woman, she will sneak discreetly in, without arousing any suspicion, because your reputation is precious for us. Arriving to your place she will turn into a shining star dazzling and charming you. After the warm friendly welcome, it becomes the great secret between the two of you will...

Kind note: Even if the massage is intense erotic sensual experience our masseuse will not perform any sexual services...

  30 min. 1 h 1,5 h
Erotic massage 180 200 300
Tantra massage 210 250 330
Body-to-Body Massage 210 250 330
Nuru Massage 300 400
4 hands massage 500 600
Date with a Sensual Masseuse 500
Party with Sexy Massage Girls 520

Overnight 1200
All Day 1700

After 2AM + 100€
Prostate Massage + 50€
Lesbian Show + 100€

ATTN: If you book a DATE, the massage itself will not last more than 90 minutes because it is tiring when lasts longer than that. Rest of the time you can enjoy each other's company have drinks or have a dinner.

When you book OVERNIGHT or ALL DAY DATE she will be able to give you 2-3 massages.

  • Prices are exclusive of local taxi fare.
  • Fees must be paid prior to the massage.
  • Only cash payment
  • Minimum notice 1 hour
  • Our masseuses use only high quality organic scent-free oil to provide your skin the best anti-allergic products.

Erotic massage

Erotic sexy massage for men gives you the chance to explore your sexuality and connect with your partner both physically and emotionally. The term 'erotic' comes from Eros, the Greek god of love, and describes the arousal of sexual feelings. Erotic massage provides all the benefits of therapeutic massage, yet it is also an intensely intimate and sensuous experience.

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Tantra massage

Tantric Massage is a ritual of receiving sensual kundalini (sexual) energy. In this ritual, you are given time to explore your body without goals. Tantric massage adds energy healing and tantric coaching to the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing and awakening sensual massage. It creates an environment in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy.

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Body-to-Body Massage

Your personal Etna Masseuse with massage every inch of your body coaxing you to a state of utter euphoria. The technique is a unique fusion of Swedish massage, delicate caresses and sensual body-to-body massage slides. The massage journey is artistic, creative and profoundly exciting.

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Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage, also called Body Slide is a massage performed with a special kind of massage gel called Nuru Gel. The word nuru comes from the Japanese language and it means "slippery", but we tend to believe it was also originated from the name of the Seaweed used in it, called "Nori". The nuru gel is very cool and comfortable when you apply it to your skin, when getting a nuru massage the masseuse will rub your entire body with the nuru and slide on you for a perfect massage.

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Date with a Sensual Masseuse

Want some company but bar scene is not quite your cup of tea? Book a sexy massage date with one of our cute and friendly masseuses. It's fun and sensual, safe and guilt-free!

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Party with Sexy Massage Girls

Party with THREE or more Etna Masseuses! No need to call escorts, because it's much funner with massage girls, also safe and guilt-free. It's just a sexy massage and BY THE WAY our massages are amazing! Take a break from the ordinary and experience the pleasure with three sexy fun and friendly Masseuses, who will eventually massage your tension away. A sumptuous seductive speciality to be had at least once in your life time.

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Rest assured our visiting massage therapists arrive at your Paris location dressed conservatively and immaculately.

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